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Terminology - Session 1A- Suffixes

Greek and Latin suffixes

-gramrecord, a writing
-ectomyexcision, removal
-rrhage, -rrhagiabursting forth
-rrheadischarge, flow
-lithstone, calculus
-scopeinstrument to view or examine
-tomeinstrument to cut
-tomyincision, cut into
-plastysurgical repair
-algia, -dyniapain
-gen, -genesisforming, producing, origin
-parato bear (offspring)
-pexyfixation of an organ
-ectasisdilation, expansion
-desisbinding, fixation (of a bone or joint)
-osisabnormal condition, increase (used primarily with blood cells)
-celehernia, swelling
-clasisbreak, fracture
-ptosisprolapse, downward displacement
-lysisseparation, destruction, loosening
-plasiaformation, growth
-iasisabnormal condition (produced by something specified)
-poiesisformation, production
-peniadecrease, deficiency
-graphyprocess of recording
-phagiaeating, swallowing
-philiaattraction for
-spasminvoluntary contraction, twitching
-stasisstanding still
-graphinstrument for recording
-meterinstrument for measuring
-metryact of measuring
-paresispartial paralysis
-logystudy of
-scopyvisual examination
-trophydevelopment, nourishment
-logistspecialist in the study of
-stomyforming an opening (mouth)
-stenosisnarrowing, stricture

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