Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

The Keyboard

In this keyboarding game you must match the word with the right meaning in order to get it right.

Caps Lockto capitalize all the words
Enter KeyGo to the next line
Word WarpAllows the text in a paragraph to be typed continualywithout pressing the enter key at the end of the each line.
Red line under the wordThe word is not in the computer dictionary
CommaOne space after if used in a punctuation
BulletsAre small circles or other shapes
CusarIs a blinking vertical line that indicates where the text is.
Ctrl AIs used to highlight all of the text.
ScrollUsed to move up,down,right,or left
Ctrl ZUsed to undo text.
Home KeyTo go back up to the top of the page
End Key To go the the bottom of the page
EscUsed to get out of an document.
Num lockWhen on you can not use the number on the right part of the keyboard
Backspacedelet the word behind it.

Usman Saeed

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