Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Challenge to Computer Did

to simply understand about microsoft word: toolbars, blockformat letters, MLA Report, the name of the keys and their functions, and to simply understanding about the internet.

standard toolbarA toolbar which contains basic options to make you work easier.
formatting toolbarA toolbar which contains some more advance options to make you work easier.
cursorA lighted indicator on the display screen that shows a user's exact position within a document.
show/hideA non-printing character shows where the tab, enter, and spacebar were pressed.
word wrapAn option that allows text in a paragraph to be typed continually without pressing the enter key at the end of each line
bookmarkAn electronic maker that lets you go directly to a site without entering its URL.
browserA special software package used to access Web sites.
downloadTo copy a document onto our own computer from a remote computer.
internetA network of computer networks, plus the tools that allow users to communicate, search, retrieve, and execute programs around the world.
search engineA tool that searches the Internet for potential Web sites based on wrod(s) that the user types in.
URLA special code that gives the location, or address, of a Web document.
WWW(Word Wide Web): An Internet tool that gives the ability to randomly search and access interlinked pictures, text and information.
DomainThe organization or geographic domain of an Internet address.
altIs used with other function keys to access software options.
backspace keyMoves the cursor to the left on space at a time. On some equipment, the backspace key may delete characters.
caps lock keyIs used to key all capital letters.
control keyUs usually used with other keys to perform specific functions such as temporary indent.
delete keyIs used to delete text.
disk driveIs the component of a microcomputer systemthat reads and writes data on a disk.
enter/return keyIs used to enter information into a microcomputer or to returnthe cursor to the beginning of a new line.
menuIs a list of options available in a software program.
monitorIs an electronic screen that displays data.
tab keyMoves the cursor directly to a tab stop.


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