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words commonly confused pt. 2

These pairs of words sound alike or look alike, but have different meanings. Can you sort them out?

itsbelonging to it
it'sit is
yourbelonging to you
you'reyou are
fourthcomes after third
forthback and ...
knewhad knowledge of
newopposite of old
herea place, close by
hearto receive sound
adaptchange to fit into surroundings
adoptto bring into the family, to pass a resolution
all togetherwe are all together
allusiona reference to literature or history
illusionsomething seen, but not real
stationarynot moving
stationerywriting paper
assentpermission, agreement
amongin the midst of more than 2
betweenin the middle of 2
besidenext to
besidesin addition to

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