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SECTION 12-2 Vocab.

DiploidA cell with 2 types of chromosomes
HaploidA cell of an organism that has 1/2 the # of chromosomes
Homologous ChromosomePaired chromosome with genes from the same traits arranged in the same order
MeiosisCell division which 1 diploid cell produces 4 haploid cells, which have 1/2 # of chromosomes as a body cell of the parent
SpermMale sex cell or gamete
EggFemale sex cell or gamete
ZygoteFertilized egg; has a diploid # of chromosomes - developes into multicellular organism by mitosis
Sexual RevolutionReproductive pattern which haploid gametes fuse to produce a diploid zygote, which developes by mitosis into a new organism
Crossing OverExchange of genetic material by non-sister chromatids during late Prophase 1 of meiosis, resulting in new combos of alleles
Genetic RecombinationMajor source of genetic variation resulting from crossing-over or random assortment
AllelesGene form for each variation of a trait of an organism

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