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Social Studies Grade 6 Chapter 9

Matching game of vocabulary and defintions using words found in Chapter 9 of our social studies text

Many of the liberties expressed in this English document were included in the U.S. Constitution 100 years later.Bill of Rights
This was Europe's only major religion until about A.D. 1500.Roman Catholic
Despite its great size and power, this fleet of Spanish warships was defeated ny the quicker English ships.armada
The discovery of these ancient works encouraged a renewed interest in learning among Europeans.classics
The name given to members of this movement because they protested certain practices of the Roman Catholic Church.Protestant
In this form of government all power was held by a king or queen.absolute monarchy
This term refers to a cultural and artistic movement in Europe that marked the end of the Middle Ages.Renaissance
This type of government is headed by a monarch, but with limited powers.constitutional monarchy
When Martin Luther nailed his 95 statements to a church door, he set into motion this movement against the Catholic Church.Reformation
This englich law-making body limited the powers of kings.Parliament

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