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Ch. 6 Science test


Homo Habilis"Handy Human"
Homo Sapiens"Wise Human"
Homo Erectus"Walking Human"
Punctuated EquilibriumBacteria, Elephant
GradualismHorse toes
Vestigial StructureBoa Constrictor, Baleen Whale
FossilsImprint, Cast, Small Organism caught in resin
HomologousOpposable Thumb, Binocular Vision
AustralopithecusDon Johanson
PrimatesHumans, Apes, Monkeys
Endangered AnimalsSiberian Tiger, Red Wolf
DarwinTheory of Natural Selection
Theory of natural selectionOrganisms produce more offspring than can survive Variations are found among individuals of species some variations enable members of a population to survive and reproduce better than others Over time, offspring of individuals with helpful variations make
GradualismSlow and gradual evolution
Punctuated EquilibriumFast evolution

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