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4th Grade Music Vocabulary

accelerandogradually get faster
allegromoderately fast
arrangerre-organizes music to be played
bass clefmusic for lower instruments
chord3 or more pitches at the same time
Del Segnogo back to the sign
endingsrepeat using different measures
half stepsmallest interval in Western music
moderatomedium speed
overturebeginning piece in an opera or musical
reeda piece of wood on an instrument
scalesa series of up and down notes
sopranothe highest female voice
tenorthe highes male voice
tieadds two or more note values together
whole step2 half steps
accidentalschromatic alterations
altolow female voice
baritonemiddle male voice
bracketsconnects 2 or more staves
cumlativeadd lyrics with each verse
double reedused by oboe, English horn and bassoon
flatlower pitch by a half step
harmonyvertical pitches
MIDIMusical Instrument Device Interface
naturalcancels a flat or sharp
ritardandoslow down gradually
sequencerseries of music events on computer
staccatoshort detached sounds
texturepolyphonic, homophonic, and monophonic sounds
tonal centerkey
andantewalking speed
basslowest male voice
canonpolyphonic form
D.C.Da Capo
duet2 musicians playing or singing
grand staffused by piano
key signaturesharps or flats at the beginning of a piece of music
MIDI Interfaceto0 connect the keyboard to the computer
octavenotes that are 8 steps apart
quartet4 musicians
samplerelectronic instrument that records sound waves
sharpraises pitch a half step
synthesizerelectronic keyboard that creates sounds
theme and variationssymphonic variation form
unisonsame pitches at the same time

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