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s.s vocab u.6and 7

crcityTo put to depth by nailing or trying to a cross.
apostleOne of the twelve early followers of Jesus
convertTo change someones belief from one religion to another
persecuteTo harm or injure
bishopA high ranking church officer
popeHighest official of the Roman Catholic church.
frontierThe area beyond the boarder of a country.
TestimonyStatement made for the purpose of prooving something usually in court
ritualA rigid set of rule to be followed exactly
oathA solemn promice often carrying the treat of punishment if broken.
ordealA difficult perhaps even painful or dangerous test.
unifyTo bring together into one whole
raidan attack
overlandacrross land rather than sea
dukeA noble of the highest heredity rank.
manorA large medievel estate with funlands village and the home of the owner collests goods adn services from the villages
serfA person legally tied to the land.
scytheA tool with a long curved curved blade and along handle used for cutting grass and grain.
KnightA high ranking solider of the middle ages who recived this title from a sovereign.
waterwheela large wheel turned by running water to provide power.
blackssmithane who wocks for iron making and mending tools and horse shoes
droughtA long period without rain or often perpicitation
peasentA small farmer tenant share cropper laborer a country person
feudalThe social and economic arrangement under whick people were paid for protection and farming privoledges by giving goods and services to am overload.
plaguea serious disease often causing death that spreads rapidly amoung people.
millerOne who runs machinery for gringing grain into flour.
monarchIn medievel times a powerful ruler of a nation or empire.
pilgrimageA visit to a holy place
monastaryA place in which some members of the clergy live and work apart from the rest of society.
shrineA plave believed sacred
crusadesA european often a knight or a noble who fought in those wars waged to free the Holy land from Moslem during the middle ages
MonkA person with a reliogios vow who lives in a monastery.
truceA halt in fighting agreed upon by the warring parties.
carbohydrateA subtance the human body uses for fuel
crop rotationI system of soil conservation in which a farmer grows.
MigrationThe moving of a group of people or animals from one place to another.
surplusAn amount over and above what is needed.
plow shareThe sharp blade of a plow that cuts into the soil
cultivateTo prepare soil for raising crops
fallowPlowed land not used for growing crops during one or more growing reasons.
arablewell suited for growing crops
proteinA subtance needed to build body cells
guildIn the middle ages an organization of craft workers in the same businness that set prices and standards for prices.
burgherA leading citizen usually a wealthy machent or artisan of a medievel town
charterA written downment grantal by appropiate authorities allowing certain individuals to organize and govern a town
journeymanduring the middle ages a person who had finished an apprentueshis in a trade and wasnt recieved
independantnatural dependance in the exchange of goods and services amoung members of a group community or nation
mediam of exchangesomething of accepted value with witch a buyer pays for goods and services.
apprenticeA person who is learning a trade by working under a master

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