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World War II

Terms, people, and places associated with World War II.

DictatorSomeone who has complete control of a country
MussoliniDictator of Italy
StalinDictator of Soviet Union
HitlerDictator of Germany
GestapoSecret police of Hitler
Sept. 1, 1939Day WW II started
PolandCountry Hitler invaded to start Germany
RooseveltPresident of U.S. during most of war
TrumanPresident which made the decision to drop the atomic bomb
Manhatten ProjectProject to build atomic bomb
island hoppingstrategy to defeat Japanese
Axis powersItaly, Germany, Japan
AlliesU.S., France,Britain,Russia,China
Final SolutionPlan to kill the Jews
KristallnachtNight of broken glass
Anti-semitismHatred towards Jews
Nuremberg lawslaws to discriminate against Jews
Star of DavidID worn by Jews
Holocaustdestruction of the Jewish race
V-E dayVictory in Europe day May 8,1945
V-J dayVictory in Japan Aug. 14, 1945
Eisenhowerleader of troops in Europe and D-Day
D- DayAllies invade France to take back Europe
rationingwhen supplies are limited
Selective ServiceDraft system to register men for the armed services
Aug. 6 and 9, 1945Dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagisaki
YamamotoDesigned attack on Pearl Harbor
Dec. 7, 1941Attack on Pearl Harbor
ChancellorTitle given to Hitler
MidwayTurning point in the Pacific
StalingradTurning point in Europe
El AlimeinTurning point in Africa
BlitzkriegLightening warfare used by Germans
Munich ConferenceBritain leader Chamberlain allows Hitler to take Czech.
ChurchillLeader of Britain during most of war
Battle of BritainLargest air battle of all time
NiseiAmerican born Japanese
SwastikaSign of Nazi party
Operation Overlordcodename for D-day invasion
Consiencious ObjectorRefuses to fight because of religious beliefs
GenocideKilling of a race
60 millionNumber of people killed during World War II.
Soviet-Nazi PactAgreement between Germany and Soviet Union not to attack each other .
EthiopiaCountry attacked by Italy at start of war
ManchuriaCountry attacked by Japan at start of war

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