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The Roaring Twenties

Test your knowledge on the roaring twenties or the jazz age. You will be able to play one of three different types of games here.

NormalcyPromised by Warren G. Harding after World War I.
Ohio GangWere many of President Harding's friend and were on his Cabinet
Teapot Dome ScandalAlbert Fall leased government land to oil companies in return for bribes
August of 1923This was when President Harding died of a heart attack
Calvin CoolidgeHe was Harding's Vice President
IsolationMany americans wanted to return to this after World War I was over
DisarmamentReducing a nation's armed forces and weapons of war
Kellogg-Briand PactThis treaty was signed by 61 nations and it outlawed war
Assembly lineThis allowed products to be made quickly and cheaply by having parts move to workers at a station
Steel, Rubber, and Glass IndustryAll benefited by the mass production of the automobile
Installment BuyingTo buy a product on credit
AdvertisingEncouraged people to buy products they did not need, but thought they did
Bull MarketA stock market where prices of stocks soared
On MarginBuying a stock when you only put 10% of the price of the stock down
ProhibitionA ban on making and selling alcohol anywhere in the United States
18th Amendmentoutlawed alcohol in the United States
Speakeasyan illegal bar where people went to drink and dance
BootleggersPeople who smuggled in liquor from Canada and the Caribbean
Organized CrimeBenefited from prohibition by making and selling alcohol
19th AmendmentThis gave women the right to vote
Carrie Chapman CattSet up the League of Women Voters
Leisure timeThe amount of time people had to do things they wanted to do
TalkiesMovies that had sound
Rudolph ValentinoHe was a very popular actor of the 1920s
The Jazz SingerThis was the very first movie with sound
RadioProvided people with hours of entertainment from their own homes
FadThis is a style or an activity that is popular for a short period of time
FlapperYoung women who rebelled against traditional ways.
Louis ArmstrongJazz musician from New Orleans
JazzNew type of music that combined African rythms and European Harmonies
Ernest HemingwayAuthor of A Farewell To Arms
F.Scott FitzgeraldAuthor of the Great Gatsby
Harlem RenaissanceA rebirth of African American culture
Langston HughesWrote the poem "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"
Babe RuthGreatest baseball player of the 1920s
Charles Lindberghflew the Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic Ocean in 33.5 hours
FarmersThey did not benefit from the economic boom of the 1920s
Labor UnionsFaced serious setbacks during the 1920s and their numbers decreased.
Anarchistspeople who were opposed to organized form of government
Red Scarea fear of communism during the 1920s
Sacco and VanzettiThey were two anarchists who were convicted of murder and sentenced to death
Emergency Quota Act of 1924Allowed only a certain number of people from each country to enter the United States
Jones ActMade Puerto Ricans U.S. citizens
John ScopesTeacher arrested for teaching theory of evolution
Charles DarwinClaimed that all life evolved from simpler life forms and that man evolved from the apes
William Jennings BryanArgued the case for the states against John Scopes
Ku Klux Klanwanted to preserve the United States for white protestants against blacks and foreigners
Marcus GarveyHe built a back to Africa movement for African Americans
black migrationThousands of African Americans moved to northern cities looking for jobs and a new life
Bobby Jones, Bill Tilden, and Gertrude EderleWere sports heroes of the 1920s
Amelia EarhartShe was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean
Electric Refrigerator, vaccum, and the washing machineNew appliances that made life easier in the 1920s

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