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baffleto confuse
callousunfeeling, tough, emotionally hardened
clandestinekept or done in secret
convolutedintricate, complicated
deftquick and skillful
dilettantea lover of fine arts
dissidentone who disagrees
esotericmeant for or understood by a specific group; mysterious
evoketo summon or call forth
fiascoa complete failure; debacle
grimacea face with contempt..
indifferenthaving no feeling for or against
inherentexisting as an essential characteristic
liasionone who maintains a connection or link
naivesimple; lacking sophistication
obsoleteno longer in use; outdated
paradigmex. serving as a model or pattern
precipitousvery steep
protocola code of correct conduct; etiquette
revertto return to a former condition
scintillateto sparkle or shine; animated and brilliant
sullengloomy; silent resentment
usurpto take over w/o right
winsomecharming in a childlike way


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