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Social Studies 08

Chapter 8 social studies vocabulary

prairiean area of flat or rolling land covered mostly by grasses and wildflowers
droughta time of little or no rain
blizzarda snowstorm driven by strong, freezing winds
hailstorma storm that drops hail, or lumps of ice that can damage or destroy crops
tornadoa funnel-shaped spinning windstorm
soda layer of soil held together by the roots of grasses
self-sufficientdoing almost everything for yourself
fertilizermatter added to the soil to help crops grow
urbanizationthe spread of city life
sequencethe order in which one thing comes after another
entrepreneura person who sets up a new business
free enterprisea kind of economy in which people own and run their own businesses with limited government control
demanda desire for a good or service by people who are willing to pay for it
supplya good or service offered for sale
meat packingpreparing meat for market
routea path from one place to another
interstate highwaya highway that goes through more than one state
toll roada road that drivers pay to use
gauchosskilled riders of the Pampa
estanciaslarge ranches

Mrs. Bliefernich

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