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common lawsystem of law based on precedent
Statutory lawlaws passed by law making bodies
SubpoenaCourt order requiring person to appear in court
Due Process of Lawprocedures est. by law; guaranteed by Constitution
BailMoney paid that guarantees appearance in court
Misdemeanorsminor crime
PACOrg. established to raise $ to support candidates
Feloniesserious crimes
Plea Bargaipleading quilty for reduced sentence
Civil Casecourt case B/W two parties
Criminal Casecourt case in which a person has committed a crime
Administratie Lawlaw passed by Regulatory Agencies
IndictFormally accuse a person of a crime
Magistrateofficial in district court; determines if case should be brought to trial
Grand Jurygroup that decides if there is enough evidence to accuse a person of a crime
Court of AppealsFederal court that hears cases on appeal from lower courts
Stare DecisisPractice of using earlier rulings to decide cases
District Courtlowest level of the federal court system
Appelate JurisdictionAuthority to review cases from lower district courts
Original JurisdictionAuthority of a court to be the 1st to hear a case
Double Jeopardyto accuse a person twice for the same crime
Prosecutionthe state's side of the proceedings in criminal trial
Juvenile Delinquentchild who commits a serious crime or breaks the law repeatedly
Plantiffperson/party filing a lawsuit
Self-Incriminationwitness against himself
Acquittalvote of not quilty


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