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THE CRANE WIFE- Vocab. Words

ANCIENT...a long time ago or very old
MARSHa swamp; land that is wet and soft
CRANE... a large white bird with very long legs.
WARP...the threads that run lengthwise (up & down) in a loom.
WEFT...the threads that run across (side to side) on a loom
LOOM...a machine used for weaving thread into cloth.
HOWL...a long wailing sound
CRUMPLED...broken; crushed together touch in a gentle,loving way. rise or fly in the air. hit again and again.
GARMENT...any piece of clothing. suddenly catch your breath look closely or to squint in order to see better.
GLEAM...a shinning of brightness as from a light.
IMMENSE...very large ; huge; very big
EXHAUSTED...tired out; the strength is all gone. come out; to be seen;
WEEP... to cry.
TATTERED...torn or ragged.

Linda Sims

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