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Number of days in a week7
Number of days in a year365
Number of days in a leap year366
Number of months in a year12
Number of seasons in a year4
Number of seconds in a minute60
Number of centimetres in a metre100
What is a room temperature?20 degrees C
What temperature does water freeze?0 degrees C
What temperature does water boil?100 degrees C
How many nickels in a dollar?20
How many dimes in $1.00?10
Number of weeks in a year.52
Number of days in November30
Number of days in May.31
Usual number of days in Feb.28
Leap year Feb. has how many days?29
How many grams in a kilogram?1000
Length times width =area
length + width times 2=perimetre
half past seven7:30
quarter past seven7:15
quarter to seven6:45
seven o'clock7:00
seven twenty7:20
seven forty five7:45
answer in adding questionsum
answer in multiplication questionproduct
top of a fractionnumerator
bottom of a fractiondenominator
answer in division questionquotient
answer in subtraction questiondifference
minus meanssubtract
total meansadd
12 eggs makes a..dozen
13 doughnuts makes abaker's dozen
Number of nickles in a quarterfive
How many sides in a triangle?three
How many sides in an octagon?eight
Numbers that can not be divided by 2.odd numbers

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