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Charlotte Doyle Vocab

destinythat is believed to determine the course of events
transpiredwhat took place or happened
somberdark or gloomy
agogfull of expectation of excitement
commendationpraise for approval
waninglosing size;becoming gradually small
chaoticcompletely disordered; in great confusion
vermonsmall animals that are troublesome or destructive
incomprehensibleimpossible to understand
conspireto plan secretly with others to do something unlawful or wrong; plot
contemptthe feeling that a person, act, or thing is mean, low or worthless
beguilingtricking or misleading a person
reprieveto postpone or delay the punishment of a person
ireanger or worth
impertinentrudely bad
slanderousspeaking or spreading false statements about a person with the intent to harm
presumptousacting without permission, too bold or forward
apprehensiveanxious about the future; fearful
dirkdagger or knife

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