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Evaporation, Condensation and Wind

Definitions for these terms.A

Air traveling horizontally in a convection cell is called?wind
How is wind created?When warm air rises, cool air rushes in to take its place.
What is a convection cell?When air warms, it rises, it cools, sinks and is warmed again causing a cycle.
When water vapor loses heat and becomes water, it is called . .condensation
When water heats and turns to water vapor, it is called . .evaporation
What is the water cycle?Water evaporates from bodies of water and land and condensate in clouds where it rains.
Evaporation is . .heat causing liquid to become gas
Condensation is . .loss of heat causing gas to become liquid
On the covered jar, where does evaporation occur?at the top of the water surface
On the covered jar, where does condensation occur?at the inside top of the jar
Condensation results in . .water
Evaporation results in . .water vapor

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