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Period 9 test

a review of flamenco, mole, spanglish, vowel sounds

What does mole mean?Aztec for concoction
What color is mole poblano?brown
What is mole usually served over?turkey or chicken
Where is Flamenco danced?Southern Spain
Name three countries that flamenco evolved fromPakistan, India, Egypt, Morocco
What is the percussion used in Flamenco?Hand-clapping
What is hand-clapping calledPalma
What does the Spanish A sound like?Ah
What does the Spanish I sound like?E
AEIOUEl Burro sabe mas que tu
What is the main instrument used in Flamenco music?Guitar
What is this Spangish word--BacunclinerVaccuum cleaner
Name the SPanglish word--confleycornflake
Name the Spanglish word--cachuketchup
Flamenco was created by____gypsies
Gypsies are nomads. What is a nomada person that wanders from place to place
What small instrument is used in Flamenco?castanets
Flameco is a slow dance. T or FF
Flamenco dancers wear low heels T or FF
Spanglish for JumboYumbo

Kirsten Borrink

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