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HEREDITYThe passing on of characteristics from parenta to offspring.
GENETICSThe branch of biology that studies heredity
TRAITSCharacteristics that are inherited.
GAMETESAnother name for sex cells.
FERTILIZATIONThe uniting of male and female gametes.
DOMINANTThe trait that is observed, opposite of recessive.
RECESSIVEThe trait that seems to disappears.
LAW OF SEGREGATIONMendel's conclusion that a parent passes on oneallele for each trait to its offspring.
PHENOTYPEThe way an organism looks.
GENOTYPEThe gene combination of an organism,type of genes.
HOMOZYGOUSTwo alleles for the trait are the same, RR.
HETEROZYGOUSTwo alleles for the trait are different. Rr.
DIHYBRID CROSSA cross with two traits.
MONOHYBRID CROSSA cross with one trait.
F1The first generation.
Rr x Rr3:1 ratio
homozygous red,homozygous tallRRTT

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