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Vocab Quiz #2

second set of vocab words

delectablehighly pleasing; delicious
derideto poke fun in contempt
devoutreligiously observant
effronteryshameless or impudent boldness; audacity
etymologythe science of the origin of words
facetiousplayfully humorous
garrulouscustomarily talkative
hyperbolea deliberate overstatement
idiosyncrasya personal peculiarity
iniquitywickedness; an immoral act
nominalin name only or of token importance
omniscientknowing much or everything
perfidioustreacherous; disloyal; unfaithful
prowessoutstanding bravery, skill, or strength
quellto suppress forcibly; to subdue
revereto hold in awesome esteem or respect
soporificinducing sleep
temerityfearlessness; reckless scorn of danger
tranquilpeaceful; calm
truculentsavage; brutal

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