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Chapter 6 - Urinary System - Surgical Terms

cystectomyexcision of the bladder
cystolithotomyincision of the bladder to remove a stone
cystostomycreating an artificial opening into the bladder
lithotripsysurgical crushing of a stone
meatotomyincision of the meatus
nephrectomyexcision of a kidney
nephrolysisseparating the kidney (from other body structures)
nephropexysurgical fixation of a kidney
nephrostomycreation of an artificial opening into the kidney
pyelolithotomyincision of the renal pelvis to remove a stone
pyeloplastysurgical repair of the renal pelvis
ureterectomyexcision of a ureter
ureterostomycreation of an artificial opening into the ureter
urethroplasysurgical repair of the urethra
vesicourethral suspensionsuspension pertaining to the bladder and the urethra
fulgurationdestruction of living tissue with an electric spark - used to remove bladder growths
renal transplantsurgical implantation of a donor kidney to replace a nonfunctioning kidney
nephrolithotomyincision of the kidney to remove a stone
extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)noninvasive treatament for the removal of kidney or ureteral stone(s)
nephrolithotripsysurgical crushing of a stone in the kidney
urostomycreation of an artificial opening into the urinary system

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