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English 10 Vocabulary # 27 Literary Terms

FarceA kind of comedy that features physical humor, stereotyped characters, and improbable plots.
Figurative LanguageWriting or speech not meant tobe interpreted literally.
Free versePoetry not written in regular rhythmical pattern or meter. It has a varying rhythm that suites its meaning and that uses the sounds of spoken language in lines of different lengths.
GenreA type of literature. Three types are poetry, prose, and drama
HyperboleDeliberate exaggeration or overstatement that is not meant to be taken literally. EX: I am so hungry I could eat a house.
Lyric poemA highly musical verse that expresses the observations and feeling of a single speaker.
MetaphorA figure of speech in which one thing is spoken of as through it were something else. EX: Death is a long sleep.
MeterIn a poem-its rhythmical pattern which is determined by the number and types of stresses, or beats in each line.
MetonymyA figure of speech that substitutes something closely related for the thing actually meant. EX. When people refer to the executive branch of government as "The White House"
MonologueA speech made entirely by one person or character
OnomatopoeiaUse of words that imitate sounds. EX: hiss, hum, murmur, rustle
OxymoronA figure of speech that puts together two opposing or contradictoryideas. EX: freezing fire.
ParableA brief story, usually with human characters, that is told to teach a moral lesson
ParadoxStatement that seems contradictory but actually presents a truth.
ParodyAn imitation of another work that exaggerates or distortd features of the work to make fun of it or simply to amuse the reader.

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