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Plate Tectonic Vocabulary

Earth Science Terms. Match the term and description.

trencha deep valley feature on the sea floor
subductionthe process by which one plate is pushed below another
divergent boundarya place where plates move apart.
convergent boundarya place where two plates come together.
Pangaea"all lands"-the single land mass when all continents were joined
Mid-Ocean RidgeThe continuous chain of underwater mountains around the earth
theory of plate tectonicsthe earth's lithosphere is broken into moving plates
asthenospherea zone of magma in the upper mantle of the earth
convection currentthe movement of material caused by differences in temperature
hot spots(plumes) columns of molten rock that rise from places deep in the mantle
transform faulta boundary where plates slide past each other
lithospherethe crust or "rock" layer of the earth
island arca group of volcanic islands formed by subduction

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