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Chapter 17 Vocabulary

This is to help you all learn your vocab for chapter 17.

aphrodisiacArousing sexual desire
boycottto refuse to deal or associate with
chauvinismfanatical or blind patriotism
cynicone who has a sneering disbelief in human sincerity and goodness
Darwinismthe theory of evolution that plants and animals transmit slight hereditary variationsto future generations and that those forms survive and develop that are best suited to their enviroment
Frankenstein Monsteranything that becomes a danger to its creator
herculeanvery powerful and courageous
jabberwockynonsensical talk
laconicbrief; pithy
Lilliputianvery small; a tiny person
machiavelliancrafty adn deceitful in political strategy
maudlintearfully emotional or sentimental; foolishly drunk.
mavericka person of onorthodox ideas who tends to act independently of parties and factions
mentora wise and loyal adviser; a trusted teacher
nimroda hunter
odysseya long eventful journey
Pyrrhic victorya too costly victory
quixoticidealistic but rediculously impractical
robota human-like machine or a machine like human
solona wise lawmaker
spoonerisman accidental transpostion of sounds in adjacent words
stentorianextremely loud
tantalizeto tease and torment by withholding what is offered
utopianimpossibly ideal, especially in social organization
vandala person who willfully or ignorantly mars or destroys property, especially what is beautiful or valuable

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