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Sea of Knowledge

General facts and terms having to do with all ocean zones. Sixth grade

plant planktonmicroscopic plant material that floats on the ocean surface
zooplanktontiny animals and larvae that float on the ocean surface
plant planktonmost of the earth's oxygen is produced by these organisms
Atlantic OceanCaribbean Sea in found here
Pacific OceanHawaiian Islands are in this body of water
Indian Oceanwhere you would find the Bay of Bengal
Arctic Oceanthe northern most ocean in the world
warm water currentsGulf Stream, North and South Equatorial, Brazil
cold water currentsWest Wind Drift, California , Peru
surface currentscurrents driven mainly by wind
deep ocean currentscold water currents that move slowly
3 percentpercentage of the earth's water that is fresh
1 percentpercentage of the earth's fresh water that is usable
intertidal zonethe area of shoreline that is underwater during some parts of the day and above water during some parts
shallow ocean zonearea of the ocean that starts at the low tide line and ends where the ocean bottom drops sharply
open-ocean zonearea of the ocean with the greatest depth
upwellingcold water currents that bring nutrients from the bottom of the ocean
sandy beachesformed by the accumulation of sand particles deposited by waves
rocky shoreshome to hermit crabs, limpets, barnacles, mussels and shore crabs
esturarieswhere the rivers meet the bay or ocean
coral reefslimestone skeletons of coral animals
camouflageability of an animal to blend into its environment
adaptationany body part or behavior that helps an organism survive
bioluminescencethe ability of an organism to give off light
ocean pollutiondumping of harmful material into the ocean
biodegradable mattermatter that can be broken down by living things
non biodegradable mattermatter that can not be broken down by living things
non point source pollutiongarbage from the general public that becomes part of our water shed
point source pollutionwhen the source of the pollutants can be identified
water shedwater that runs off of land and becomes a part of our water supply

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