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Geometry Vocabulary Match-Up

Play the game of Concentration. Match the term with the definition.

sidesthe line segmant or surface that encloses something
vertexa point where two sides of a polygon intersect
degreethe unit of measure for an angle
protractoran instrument used to measure angles
acute anglean angle that measures less than 90 degrees
obtuse anglean angle that measures more than 90 degrees
right anglean angle that measures 90 degrees
straightedgea ruler or any object with a straight side that can be used to draw a line
line segmenta series of points with a beginning and an end
raya series of points with a beginning that continues in the opposite direction
polygona many sided closed figure
verticesthe plural of vertex
trianglea 3-sided figure
quadrilaterala 4-sided figure
paralleltwo lines that never meet or cross each other
parallelograma quadrilateral that has both pairs of opposite sides equal and parallel
pentagona 5-sided figure
hexagona 6-sided figure
octagonan 8-sided figure
equilateral trianglea triangle with 3 equal sides
symmetryany line that divides a shape or object into matching halves
congruentfigures having the same size and shape
similarfigures having the same shape but different size

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