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Verbes suivis de l'infinitif sans préposition

aimerto like
aimer mieuxto prefer
allerto be going to
compterto expect
croireto believe
descendreto go downstairs
désirerto want
détesterto hate
devoirto be obliged
écouterto listen
entendreto hear
envoyerto send
espérerto hope
il fautit is necessary
laisserto allow
oserto dare
paraîtreto appear
penserto think
pouvoirto be able
préférerto prefer
prétendreto claim
regarderto watch
rentrerto return home
retournerto go back
revenirto come back
savoirto know how to
semblerto seem
sentirto feel
souhaiterto wish
il vaut mieuxit is preferable
venirto come (to do something)
vouloirto want

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