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Review these terms until you think you know them then take the tests.

HesiodGreek poet who was one of the earliest sources of Greek mythology.
Cyclopesa giant with a single eye in the middle of its forehead
PoseidonGreek god of the sea
Demetergoddess of the harvest or agriculture
Dionysusgod of wine and revelry
Artemisgoddess of the moon, huntress, and preserver of the young
Hestiagoddess of the hearth and home
Zeussupreme ruler or king of the gods
Aresgod of war
Chaosa force from which all things bega
Apollothe most beautiful of all the gods; master musician,also known as god of the sun
Cronosfather of Zeus
Olympusdwelling place of the gods
Herculesthe only Greek hero to ever become a god
Titanshuge man-like beings that were the first children of Uranus and Gaea
Uranusthe Heavens
GaeaMother Earth
Athenagoddess of wisdom
Aphroditegoddess of love and beauty
Hadesgod of the underworld
Hermesmessenger of the gods
Hephaistosa blacksmith, god of fire
Heraqueen of the gods; goddess of marriage
Fatesthree sisters that spun the web of life; more powerful than Zeus
RheaZeus's mother
PersephoneDemeter's daughter who was kidnapped by Hades; queen of the underworld

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