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Word Processor

Chapter 5

fontdesign for characters
spell checkerchecks for spelling errors
justification (of text)alignment of lines
templateorganizational plan for a database or spreadsheet
wordwrapautomatically continue text on a new line
cursorsymbol on screen showing where next entered symbol will appear
mindtoolthe use of computers to encourage problem-solving
fieldcontainer into which you type text
databaseapplication program allowing the organization, storage, and searcch of information
filecomplete collection of related database records
record collection of database fields representing one unit of storage
cutremove data from active document for temporary storage in computer memory
margindistance between the edge of text and the edge of the paper
tabspredefined insertion point established in word processing
pastinginserting data stored in the memory of the computer into an active document
copyto copy data from the active document to be temporarily stored in computer memory
cellintersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet
deleteto remove text at the location of the cursor
word processingapplication program allowing the entry, manipulation, and storage of text and sometimes graphics
spreadsheetapplication program resembling a ledger sheet, allowing data to be entered into cells

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