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Chapter 20

This anarchist assassinated President McKinley in 1901 at the Pan-American Exposition.Czolgosa
Steffens, Sinclair, and Tarbell were all examlpes of these writers.Muckrakers
A the president of the United Mine Workers he led the 1902 coal miners strike.Mitchell
Under American's foreign policy of "_______ Diplomacy" US troops were used to protect American investments in Latin America.Dollar
This Pres. would later become the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.Taft
TR sent the "Great ______ ______" on a world tour, in part to impress the nation of Japan.White Fleet
A "bank ______" is when a large number of worried depositors go and attempt to withdraw their money resulting in the bank shutting down.Run
Tammany Hall in NYC was an example of this type of organization.Political Machine
Pres. Taft angered the conservationists when the Chief of the Forest Service was fired for opposing this sale of gevernment coal lands to private interests.Pinchot
When the Federal Trade Commission found a company engaging in a practice that was unfair, it could issue a "_____ and desist" order.Cease
An ________ is a person who believes in a society without government to enforce law and order.Anarchist
The Pure Food and Drug Act establishedfederal government control over foods and drugs sold across ______ _____.State Lines
A monopoly formed by combining the ownership of several formerly separate corporations undre a board of directors.Trust
This "muckraker" wrote about the powerful railroads in Clifornia in his book " The Octopus"Norris
Under the Roosevelt _________, America became the "policeman of the western hemisphere"Corollary
The poilitcal system in which the government owns the "means of production".Socialism
Roosevet veiwed the presidency as a "______ _______" to speak out for needed reforms.Bully Pulpit
Pres. Wilson ordered this general into Mexico to capture the bandit Pancho Villa.Pershing
As the Socialist candidate for president in 1912, he called for govt. ownership of Am's major industires.Debs
This book by Upton Sinclaire eventually led to the passage of the Meat Inspection Act.The Jungle
In the 1912 pres. election, TR's "______ ______" called for a strong national goevernment to regulate business and insure the well-being of the people.New Nationalism
The Northern Securities Co. was and ex. of a " ______ company" becuase it was a corporation set up to own stock in other companies.Holding
To make wasteland useable.Reclamation
This allows voters to introduce a bill to state legistature which must then debate and vote on the proposed legislation.Initiative
Galvestion, Texas adopted a _____ plan of government after the city had been destryoed by a hurricae.Commission
Pres. Wilson's policy of " watchful waiting" was applied to the political stuggle and civil unrest going on in this nation.Mexico
As chairman of the Rules Committee and Speaker of the House, he was a virtual dictator over the House of Reps.Cannon
He made the state of Wisconsin into a "laboratory of democracy"La Follette
He believed that the corruption of the public's general moral values had resulted in the corruption of America's politics.Steffens
A labor strike in this industry threatened the nation as winter approached forcing Pres. TR to step in to settle the dispute.Coal

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