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Chapter 23 Review Game - American West

This is a review game for American history chapter 23 for Ms. Lund's class

placer miningtechnique of washing precious metals out of a stream
reservationspecial area used by a specific group
assimilationthe adoption of the surrounding culture
vigilantespeople who take the law into their own hands
Navaholived in what is now New Mexico
Chief JosephIndian from NW who led his people on a long trek to escape government troops
Wounded Knee MassacreIndian slaughter which occurred in South Dakota
Transcontinental Railroadbrought people west and goods east
Pacific Northwestarea which was an important center of lumber industry in the 1880s
Homestead Actoffered settlers 160 acres of free land
SodMaterial used to build houses on the Plains
Dawes ActDivided up reservation lands and outlawed Indian cultures
Comstock LodeDiscovered in Nevada
Main Cause of Western SettlementTranscontinental Railroad
Government promoted settlement with this ActHomestead Act
Great Plainstreeless and full of buffalo in the late 1800s
Golddiscovered in Nome and Fairbanks and increased Alaska's value in the late 1800s
PlacerKind of mining in stream beds using shovel and pans
Ghost Dancereligion that taught that spirits of dead Indians would return
Geronimoled Apache warriors against army forces in the Southwest
George Armstrong CusterLost the Battle of Little Bighorn
DawesAct which encouraged Indians to adopt the white's way of life
Sarah Winnemuccatraveled widely to appeal for Indian rights
Long Drivemovement of cattle from Texas to towns to the north
Fenceshelped bring an end to the cattle drives
Womenhad more rights in the west than in the east

Carol Lund

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