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Catechism 1-21

Who made you?God made me.
What else did God make?God made all things.
Why did God make you and everything else?God made all things for His own glory.
How can you glorify God?By loving Him and doing what He commands.
Why should you glorify God?Because He loves me and takes care of me.
Are there more Gods than one?There is only one God.
How many persons are this one true God?Three persons.
Who are they? (the 3 persons of God)Father, Son and Holy Spirit
What is God?God is a spirit, and has not a body like men.
Where is God?God is everywhere.
Can you see God?No, I cannot see god, but he can always see me.
Does God know everything?Yes, nothing is hidden from God.
Can God do all things?Yes, God can do all His holy will.
Where do you learn how to love and obey God?In the Bible alone.
Who wrote the Bible?Prophets, who wrote by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Who were our first parents?Adam and Eve.
How did God make our first parents?God made Adam's body out of the ground, and Eve's body out of a rib from Adam.
What did God give Adam and Eve besides bodies?He gave them spirits that will last forever.
Do you have a spirit as well as a body?Yes, I have a spirit that can never die.
How do you know your spirit will last forever?Because the Bible tells me so.
How good were Adam and Eve when God made them?They were holy and happy.

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