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Civil Rights Stew's

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Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka1954 Supreme Court ruling said segregation in schools illegal
Plessy vs. Ferguson1896 Supreme Court ruling made segregation legal
Emmett TillChicago boy murdered for violating Jim Crow laws
Jim Crowlaws that forced African Americans into second class status
Rosa Parksrefused to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, AL
passive resistancenonviolent protest
sit-inschallenged segregated facilities
Freedom Rideschallenged segregation in interstate travel facilities in Deep South
Albany Movementunsuccessful protest in Georgia
James Meredithdesegretated University of Mississippi
Project CProject confrontation in Birmingham, AL
John F.Kennedymoved slowly to address Civil Rights
Lyndon B. Johnsonpassed Civil Rights laws
1963 March on Washingtondemonstrated wide support for Civil Rights movement
Selma, Almarch resulted in violence across Pettus Bridge
Civil Rights Act of 1964prohibited discrimination in facilities and hiring
Voting Rights Act of 1965federal gov't supervises voter registration
de jure segregationsegregation by law
de facto segregationsegregation by tradition
Black powercalled on African Americans to unite and promote own culture
Malcolm Xexpressed anger and frustration of African Americans
Black Panther partypromoted agressive action and provided urban social services

Marcia Steward

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