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Review for Chapter7

Input Devicea piece of computer hardware that is used for entering data and instructions into a computer system
HardwareThe computer and all the associated physical equipment that make up the entire computer system
Peripheralsall the physical equipment and parts of a computer system except the cpu
Central Processing UnitThe brain of the computer that contains the processor and the main memory
Function KeysKeys on a computer keyboard that perform a task or give instructions to your computer
Cursor Control keysSpecial keys on a computer keyboard that give users the ability to move the cursor around on teh screen
Numeric KeypadA group of number keys on a computer keyboard that are arrnaged like those on a calculator and are used to enter numbers quickly
MouseA small, square input device that moves across a smooth surface and controls the movement of the cursor on the computer screen
JoystickA square box with a lever at the top used for playing computer games
Light pena special pen used to input data by pressing the pen against a computer screen
Graphic Tableta flat, surface that is connected to a computer and is used for drawing pictures
DigitizerAn input device which changes shapes into signals so the computer cna understand
ProcessorThe part of the CPU which caries out the instructions entered by the user
Read Only MEmoryThe part of the main memory that is permanent
Random-Access memoryThe part of the main memory that is temporary
KilobyteMemory of the computer which can hold 1000 letters, spaces, or characters
Daisy Wheel PrinterA printer which produces letter-quality copies
PlotterA nonimpact printer that uses special pens to produce drawings, sketches, and designs
Secondary StorageThe saving of data for a later use
Disk DriveThe unit which holds a disk and reads or writes information on it

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