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Review for Chapter 4

productionthe process of converting resources into products that are useful to consumers
craftspeoplepeople making products by hand requiring artistic skill
specializationperforming only one or a limited nmber of the operations in producting a product
mass productionproducting a very large number of identical goods, services, ideas, or information at the same time
automationusing machinery to simplify and speed up the production process
work teamsgroups of workers selected to work together on a product or project
think tankan organization whose purpose is the research and development of ideas leading to innovations and new technologies
bridging activitiesactivities engaged in by a business to carry out transactions with customers and suppliers
record keepinga method od tracking financial details of a business
communicationsthe methods a business uses to transmit orders, messages, ideas, and information
input activitiesactivities that involve acquiring resources in order to produce a product
input activitiesactivitiesthat involve acquiring resources in order to produce a product
output activitiesactivities that involve preparing products for the market so consumers will buy them
purchasingthe methods a company uses to acquire the necessary materials in order to produce a product
suppliersbusinesses that supply materials to other businesses so they can manufacture and produce their products
personnelthe employees that work for a business organization
recruitingthe process of searching for and hiring qualified workers
employment agenciescompanies which specialize in finding workers for a business
information providersbusinesses who dispense information electronically
pricingdetermining a fair and profitable price for a product
microwave transmissionsignals sent and received through the air between microwave stations on the ground
satellite transmissionsignals sent and received through the air between microwave stations on the earth and a microwave station in orbit over 20,000 miles above the earth
advertisingany paid, promostional message reaching a mass audience
sellingthe methods a company uses to sell its products
personal sellinga method of selling using a salesperson who has conversations directly with the buyer
external environmental influencesoutside factors and conditions that a business must monitor and over which it has no control
economic conditionsthe current state of production, distribution, and consumption of products
inflationan economic condition in which the prices of products rise rapidly
lobbyingactivities designed to influence public officials to take a desired action
technological developmentsnew methods discovered of meeting needs and wants and solving problems
computer shoppinga service offered by information providers to allow customers to shop at home using telephone lines and home computers
bonusesmoney given to employees in addition to regular pay for outstanding work
motivationthe act of encouraging workers to perform better at their jobs
managementthe activities involved in converting resources within an orgnaization into useful forms to meet company goals
productivitythe amount of work a person is able to produce in a specified period of time
trainingthe methods used to instruct employees how to perform their jobs
flight simulatoran electronically controlled machine that reproduces real flight conditions for pilot training
laser disca device that stores text, graphics, video images, and audio sound impulses, used in conjunction with a computer
standardsestablished rules for measuring quantity, size, weight, value, or quality
evaluationthe act of measuring the quantity or quality of a product or performance against a standard
planningdeciding what needs to be accomplished, procedures and accomplish it, and how it is going to be done
organizingthe day-to-day coordination of activities to meet the goals of the organization
directingthe management function of leading and communicating with workers to meet the goals of the organization
self-directed employeesempoloyees who direct themselves and the projects to which they are assigned with less guidance from management
controllingthe management function of measuring performance against standards
quality control teamsa group of people assigned the task of monitoring output against standards

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