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Chapter 12

Review for Chapter 12

information floworder in which communications proceed through an organization
chain of commandseries of positions in a company in order of authourity
formal organizationspecific structure of people and responsibilities designed to carry out an organization's goals
superintendentsupervisor/head of a large group of workers (ex. school district or police force)
functional organizationstructuring a firm according to specialized tasks
marketingthe activities that link the producer and the consumer
administrationregarding the management and supervision of the affairs of a business
research and developmentthe part of a company engaged in seeking discoveries and innovations relating to both new and existing products
departmentsgrouping of related activities using the same resources under common supervision
marketing researchthe gathering and analyzing of data relating to the likes and dislikes of consumers regarding a new or existing product
red tapethe excessive amount of paperwork involved in making a decision or solving a problem that affects many large organizations
product organizationstructuring a firm according to the major products of the firm so that each product area operates independently
divisionsa major business unit that encompasses the necessary resources to operate independently of other divisions of a company
matrix organizationsstructuring a firm by project and functin whereby and employee may report to both a project manager and a functional manager
authorityhaving the power to make a decision
line authoritysituation in a business where an individiual has direct control over those immediately below in the organizational structure
relationshipsconnection that workers have to one another; the relative position of one worker to another in terms of authority and responsibility
responsibilitybeing held accountable for making certain decisions that affect and organization
staff authoritythe power given to a specialist by the organization to make recommendations to line personnel
specialistspeople who become experts in performing a specific task

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