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chapter 11 matching

To review you knowledge of voc. words.

anemometeran instrument used to measure wind speed
barometerused to measure air pressure
doppler radarcaculates distance and direction of weather movements
forecasta prediction of the weather
highan area of air pressure greater than the surrounding area
humiditythe amount of moisture iln the air
hurricanea large tropical storm that forms over warm oceans
lowan area of air pressure less than the surrounding air pressure
meterologista person who studies the weather
psychrometeran instrument used to measure the amouont of moisture in the air
radarcaculates disannce by echoing radio waves
relative humiditythe amount of moisture iln the air as compared to the amount of moisture it could hold at that temperature
tornadoa violent funnel shaped cloud with extremely strong winds
tornado warningtake cover
tornado watchweather conditions are right for a tornado to form

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