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Spreadsheet Review

cutto remove an object or data from a document or spreadsheet and place it on the clipboard
formatto improve the appearance of a spreadsheet
pasteto insert the last information you cut or copied into a new location
cell addresslocation of a cell in a spreadsheet
insertto place an object between two other objects
columna strip of information running up and down
fillused to copy the contents of one cell to an entire range of cells
graph/charta picture created from a set of numbers
copyto make an exact copy of information so you can place the duplicate in a new location
cella box in a spreadsheet where you can enter information
scalethe value applied to the intervals on an axis in a graph
titletext placed in a cell naming a spreadsheet or graph
x axisthe horizontal line of a graph
operatorsa mathematic symbol used in a spreadsheet formula
y axisthe vertical line of a graph
labeldescriptive text placed in a cell or on a graph
cell rangeone or more contigous cells forming a group which is rectangular in shape
rowa horizontal line of boxes in a spreadsheet
functionspredefined formulas that perform simple or complex calculations
formulaa set of instructions that defines how one cell relates to another

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