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Energy for a Nation

Nowoil,natural gas, coal
Persian Gulfmajor supplier of imported oil to U.S.
coalblack/brown rock contains hydrocarbons from decayed plants
lignitesoft coal and first formed from peat
subbituminouswestern states
bitumionoussoft coal and majority of coal produced in U.S.
anthracitehard coal and highest heat calue
source rockrich in organic matter
reservoir rockcontains tiny pores that connect where oil and gas can move
traprock without pores
reservedeposit of oil or gas that can be recovered with technology
petroleum scientistsgravity, magnetic properties, and sound waves
natural gas componentsmethane, butane, propane, water vapor, and sulfur
natural gascleanest burning fossil fuel
refiningprocesses that are used to seperate crude oil into its parts and to produce petrolem
catalystsspeed up chemical reactions
wildcat wellwell drilled in an explored area
production of oil in U.S.declining
production of oil in worldincreasing
cokesolid mass that is almost pure carbon
strip miningsoil and rocks are removed by huge earth moving machines
reclamationprocess of restoring the land to the condition beforeq
use of anthracitehomes, offices, and factories
use of bituminousfactories and commercial buildings and forms coke
use of subbituminousproduction of electricity or manufacturing
use of ligniteproduce coal gases and liquids
slurrycrushed coal with water
black lungresult of breathing coal dust
rock dustingwater sprayed on surfaces being mined to control dust
subsidencessinking of land
synthetic fuelsproduced by chemically changing fossil fuels or other organic matter
ton of coalfour barrels of oil
oil shales and tar sandsliquid oils trapped in rock formations


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