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le passé composé

students will match the French with the corresponding French in the past tense--Francais III et IV

J'ai buI drank
j'ai conduitI drove
j'ai connuI knew(person)
j'ai couruI ran
j'ai duI owed
j'ai ditI said
j'ai écritI wrote
j'ai faitI made
il a falluIt was necessary to
j'ai luI did read
j'ai misI did put
j'ai ouvertI opened
j'ai pluI pleased
il a pluIt rained
j'ai prisI took
j'ai recuI received
j'ai vécuI lived
j'ai étéI was
j'ai euI had
j'ai cruI believed
j'ai puI was able
j'ai suI knew
j'ai vouluI wanted
je suis alléI went
je suis venuI came
je suis devenuI became
je suis revenuI came back
je suis néI was born
je suis mortI died
je suis arrivéI arrived
je suis descenduI went down
je suis restéI stayed
je suis tombéI fell

Mrs. Stemple

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