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staff5 lines and 4 spaces
treble clefhigh music
bass cleflow music
key signaturewhat notes are sharp or flat
time signaturehow many beats in a measure
sharpup 1/2 step
flatdown 1/2 step
naturalcancels an sharp or flat
barlineseparates staff into measures
measuremusic between 2 barlines
repeat signrepeat the music between the signs
DC (Da Capo)go back to the beginning
DS (Dal Segno)go back to the segno sign
al fine'sing or play to "Fine"
tienotes on the SAME line or space connected by a curved line
slurnotes on DIFFERENT lines or spaces connected by a curved line
tripletthree sounds to one beat
double sharpup 2 half steps ( 1 whole)
double flatdown 2 half steps ( 1 whole )
accenta note that is suddenly louder
staccatoa note that is short and crisp
crescendomusic getting louder
decrescendomusic getting softer
ritardando (rit)music slowing down
accelerando (acc)music getting faster
p - pianosoft
mp - mezzo pianomedium soft
pp - pianissimovery soft
f - forteloud
mf - mezzo fortemedium loud
ff - fortissimovery loud
segnoDS sends you back to this picture
codaa short ending section
whole note4 beats of sound
dotted half note3 beats of sound
half note2 beats of sound
quarter note1 beat of sound
whole rest4 beats of silence
dotted half rest3 beats of silence
half rest2 beats of silence
quarter rest1 beat of silence

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