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Mutual Funds and Retirement Plans

OptionThe right to buy or sell stock at a fixed price until the expiration date
MorninstarA leading mutual fund rating service
Manager TenureThe length of time a manager has been in charge of a mutual fund
One-time Lifetime Exclusion on the sale of a house$125,000
front-end loadyou pay commission at the time you invest in a mutual fund
indexmutual funds react in the same way the stock or bond markets do as a whole
growthmutual fund with the goal of providing maximum dividends int he short run
balancedfund invests in a mixture of common stocks, preferred stocks, and bonds
expense ratiorefers to the persentage of assets that matual funds shareholders pay annually
globalfund purchases international stocks and onds as well as U.S. securitier
prospectusinformation about how a fund operates, it protfolio, and its goals is called the
bonds onlywhich fund is considered most conservative
net asset valuethe difference between the value of all of assets in a mutual fund and the liabilities of a fund
Defined Contribution Plana minumum contribution is made by both employer and employee: no particular benefit is promised
vestedan employee is_____ in his/her retirement plan when a certain number of years has passed
401 K planan employer makes a nontaxable contribution for your benefit and reduces your salary by the same amount
403 K plana plan for employees of government or not-for-profit organizations
reverse mortgageprovies a homeowner with tax-fre income in the form of a loan to be paid back when a property is sold
Individual Retirement Accounttax-sheltered plan all Americans no in an employer sponsored plan can put in $2000
KeoghA plan for self-employed workers
Financial maturitypoint in life when you concentrate on your retirement funding
Social Securitybenefits you receive from the government
Defined Benefit Plancontract specifies the benefits promised to an employee

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