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Chapter 39 vocab

verbum,-i (n)word
idem acthe same as
sicthus, in this way
comes, -itis ( m/f)companion
Carthago, -inis (f)Carthage
Delos,-i (f)Delos (small island of Greece)
Creta,-ae (f)Crete (large island south of Greece)
moneo, -ere, monui, -itumadvise, warn
deus, -i (m)god
Hesperia -ae (f)another name for Italy
dormito,- are, -avito be sleepy
animadverto, -ere, -animadverti, -versumto notice
interestit is important
ferula -ae (f)cane
pareo, -ere, parui +dat.obey
extendo, -ere, extendi, extentusto hold out

J Williamson

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