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chapter 12 social studies

John Paul JonesFather of the American Navy :I've not yet begun to fight"
George Washingtonmade comander-in-chief of the continental army
Thomas Painepublished a pamphlet entitled Common Sense
John LockeEnglish philosopher wrote " all people are born with certain rights
MonticelloJeffersons home in Virginia
Traitorsomeone who turns against their country
Nathan HailAmerican spy " I only regret that I have but one life to give to my country
Benjamin Franklinwas appointed Postmaster General " We must all hang together or we shall all hang separately
Thomas Jeffersonwrote the declaration of independence. " We hold these truths to be self evident"
Oliver Branch Petitionassured the British of the loyality of the Americans
Yorktownfinal battle of the War
Treaty of Paris1783 Britian recognized the independence of the Unitied States
Francis Marionwas known as the "Swamp Fox"
Benedict Arnoldtraitor to the country, gave plans for the defense of the west point to the British
George Rogers Clarkcaptured Fort Vincent and was called "Washington of the West"
Thaddeus Kosciuszkohelped to defeat the British at the Battle of Saratoga
Battle of TrentonWashington surprised the Hessians on Christmas Day in 1776
Patriotsamericans who supported the fight for independence
Loyalistspeople who wanted to remain loyal to Britian
Hessiansmercenaries paid to fight for the British
Mercenariessoldiers paid to fight for another country

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