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Word Problems

Read the problem and solve.

There are 19 students in each kindergarten class. There are 5 kindergarten classes. How many students are there in all?95
A boy goes to the store and buys a pack of gum that costs $.74. He gives the cashier $1.00. How much change will he get back?$.26
If there is 24 apples and 12 children, how many apples will each child get?2
If it takes 3 hours to get from where you live to the baseball stadium and you leave your house at 9:00 am, what time will it be when you get to the stadium?12:00 pm
There are 34 in the high school graduating class, but only 31 will graduate. How many students won't graduate with the rest of the class?3
If you have a candle that will burn for a total of 3 hours and you burn it for 30 minutes at a time, how many times can you burn it before it's all gone?6
If you have $10.00 and you buy a ball for $.97, a whistle for $.35, and a yo-yo for $3.99, how much money will you have left?$4.69
If there are 4 tricycles, how many wheels are there in all?12
A taxi ride costs $5.00 plus $.25 a mile. If you go 4 miles, how much will it cost?$6.00
If you have 3 people and you have to share a pie among them, what fraction of the pie will each person get?1/3
It costs $22.00 to get into a baseball game, $3.50 for a drink, and $2.50 for a hot dog. If that's all you spend, how much will this day at the baseball game cost?$28.00
The babysitter charges $5.00 and $1.00 for each hour. If you are gone for 3 hours, how much will you owe the babysitter?$8.00
If a CD costs $16.97 and you only have $15.00, how much more money do you need before you can buy it?$1.97
If a child runs 1/4 of a mile, how much further does he have to go to finish the mile?3/4
If you have 10 days to complete a project and the project will take 40 hours to complete, how many hours a day should you work on the project?4
If one child can jump 4 feet and another child can jump 5 feet, how many feet can they jump in all?9
There are 20 bags of tomatoes with 10 tomatoes in each bag. How many tomatoes are there in all?200
It takes 15 points to win a volleyball game. If a team has 10 points, how many more points do they need to win?5
There are 1162 people standing on a football field. If 394 walk off of the field, how many are left?768
If there are 20 cars on a parking lot, how many tires would there be?80

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