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SAT Vocabulary 6

SAT vocabulary practice

exemplaryserving as a model
expedientuseful, advantageous
expediteto speed up; to make quick and easy
expungeto erase; to remove completely
extolto praise highly
facilitateto make easy; to help bring about
fallacyfalse idea or mistaken belief
fastidioushard to please; dainty in taste
fervorintense emotion; great warmth of feeling
fitfulsmasmodic; intermittent
flagrantoutrageous; glaringly offensive
fledglingnewly developed; little known
forlorndeserted; unhappy; left alone and neglected
formidablehard to overcome; to be dreaded
fortuitoushappening by chance
furtivedone quickly and with stealth to avoid being noticed; secret
galvanizeto arouse suddenly; to startle
garbledconfused; mixed-up
garnerto gather and store away; to collect
gratuitousfreely given; unnecessary; uncalled for
guilecrafty deceit; cunning
gullibleeasily deceived
hackneyedused too often; trite; commonplace
haphazardnot planned; random

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