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SAT Vocabulary 9

Practice exercises using SAT vocabulary words

meticulousvery careful about details; fussy
mitigateto make or become milder or less severe; to moderate
morosegloomy; bad-tempered
nomenclaturea systematic naming in an art or science
nonchalancecarelessness; lack of interest or concern
obliterateto destroy; to blot out leaving no trace
onscurenot clear or distinct; hidden; remote
officiousmeddling; giving unnecessary or unwanted advice or services
opportunistone who takes advantage of any opportunity without regard for moral principles
opulentwealthy; abundant
overtnot hidden; open
painstakingvery careful; diligent
pariahan outcast
parsimonioustoo thrifty; stingy
partisanshowing strong support for a party or cause; characteristic of a guerilla fighter
paucityscarcity; smallness in number or amount
peerlesshaving no equal; better than the rest
perceptivediscerning; observant; sensitive
perfidytreachery; betrayal of trust
peripheralexternal; incidental; tangential
peruseto study; to read
philistinenarrow-minded; smugly conventional
pietydevotion and reverence, especially to God and family
piqueto hurt the feelings of someone; a temporary feeling of wounded vanity

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