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Tara lipinski


CamelA spin in which the skater is in the shapr of a T.
AxelA diffucult jump that takes off forward.
CleanDescribes a jump without wobbles or falls.
choreographyThe arrangementof movements steps and patterns in a programi
edgesthe two sharp sides of a skate blade
deth spirala dramatic movement in pair skating
ISUThe international Skating Union.
Flip jumpa jump that takes off with a push.
laybackA spin in which the skater leans her head and shoulder back.
lutza jump that lands on the back outside edge.
Loop Jumpa jump that takes off the back
quadshort for Quadruple
Run inThe entrance to a jump.
sit spina spin in which the skater starts in a standing posistion.
spinA move in which a skater turns in place.
technical programA ten minute and 40 second performance to music.
Toe leapA loop jump that takes off from the toe pick.
Toe pickThe ridged front section of a skate blade.
waltz jumpAn easy jump that resembles an axel.
USFSAThe United State Figure Skating Association.
zambonia large lumbering machine that cleans the ice.
School figureshapes that skaters etched in the ice as a part of competition.
Kiss and cry areaThe place where the skaters watch their scores come up.
spirala long glide.
CombinationSeveral jumps that take off one after another.

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