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Practice your spelling words for the test on Thursday, April 20. The words come from our novel, The Enormous Egg.

miraculousresembling an extremely outstanding or unusual event
dinosaurany of various large extinct reptiles
reptilea type of animal that possesses such characteristics as laying eggs and having a body covered with scales
extinctno longer existing
enormousextremely large
lizardany long-bodied reptile with legs and a tapering tail
disturbto throw into disorder
hatchto emerge from an egg
freaksomething very unusual or abnormal
tremendousfitted to excite wonder by reason of extreme size, power, greatness, or excellence
scientista person knowledgeable in science
remarkableuncommon; extraordinary
museuman institution devoted to the care and display of objects of lasting interest or value
appetitethe desire to eat
poultrybirds kept for eggs or meat
fascinatingextremely interesting

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